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I-Form® - Flexible flashing

EPDM joint tape

EPDM Joint profile, with 2 ribs.

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i-Form® - Flexible Flashing

i-Form® - the alternative on lead flashing.

i-Form® is extremely flexible, can easy be formed and will keep formed shape.

  • Very flexibel.
  • Light in weight.
  • Quick to install.
  • With- or without self adhesive butyl lines.
  • Can be installed in lengths of 10M.
  • Screw installation through i-Form® is possible.
  • Not theft sensitive, likte other traditional materials.
  • Available in 3 colour:
    • Black
    • Grey
    • Red

i-Form®, is produced by IPEX in the Netherlands.

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I-Form® lateislabbes

I-Form® with EPDM slab.

i-Form® with fixed EPDM for flashing solutions where the combination of i-Form® and just EPDM is required.

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