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UPDATE: renewal of construction principle C061

Wednesday 24 February 2021

UPDATE: renewal of construction principle C061

What has been changed?

  • A new extension plate (0724) has been developed
    It has a fixed adapter for horizontal rail mounting.
  • Additional mounting holes have been added.
    The adjustment possibilities have been increased by 15 mm, so that an alignment from 0 to 55 mm can take place.
  • The attachment of the new extension plate to the base bracket is no longer done with blind rivets. This is done with a special stainless steel 316 mounting screw 0725, which is placed in the parallel running holes that are pre-produced.

C061 Construction

Construction with a centric anchoring.

The principle of this structure is to create a centric anchoring, which significantly reduces the load on the main load-bearing structure.

The advantages of this centric anchoring are:

  • Fewer anchors/supports are needed.
  • Applying the construction with a centric anchorage is less labour-intensive.
  • The number of components used in this type of centric anchorage is lower.

C061 parts

Hybrid construction.

This new extension plate is made of stainless steel 304 (A2) and is then assembled on the 0290 wall brackets.

By using stainless steel extension plates, a strong reduction of thermal conductivity (thermal bridge) of the construction system is created. This ensures that the entire insulation value of a building is increased.

In the film below you can see an animation about this renewed construction principle.

Download the new information sheet of the C061 construction.

More information? Please contact us.

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