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New: Fastening system for ACP wall cladding

Friday 29 April 2022

New: Fastening system for ACP wall cladding

For the fixing of Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) we have developed a new and innovative fixing system.

By using our 0707 screws and our 0521 centering and spacing sleeves + tubes package, we have developed a screw system which is perfectly suitable for ACP panels on aluminium profiles.

This fixing system has the following advantages:

  • Tension free screw assembly.
  • Possibility to remove the protective film after mounting all the panels.
  • Very fast and correct mounting.

Our fixing system consists of the following components

  • 0707 SB 5.5 x 25: Stainless steel drilling screw, with a head of 16mm;
  • 0521 Slide tube: Plastic centering sleeve (green);
  • 0521 Fix tube: Plastic centering sleeve (red);
  • 0803 Cutting tool: Allows pre-cutting of the protective foil of the plate so that the foil can be removed after mounting the fastener.

0707 Aluminium composite screw

0707 Drillmate

Our fixing system consists of a green and a red tube. These tubes have a different effect in the assembly:

  • Our red tube, also called the "Fix Tube", serves to secure and hold the plate on its mounting.
  • The Green Tube, also called the "Slide Tube", ensures that the plate / construction has room to expand.

0521 Fixpoint tubes

0521 - Center en distance tubes

0521 Slidepoint tubes

0521 - Center en distance tubes

0707 ccm 0521

Facade plate attached by a 0707 drill screw, in combination with a 0521 Centering sleeve

0801 Cutting tool

0801 Cutting Tool

In our video animation and in the picture below we show how this Slide Tube looks from the inside so you can clearly see how it works.

0801 remove foil

Foil to remove a power supply.

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