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New i-Facade fastening system from IPEX!

Tuesday 15 March 2022

New i-Facade fastening system from IPEX!

New i-Facade fixing system, B020.

An additional fixing system for ceramic tiles has recently been added to the i-Facade range.

It concerns an aluminium profile system with guides. Hooks are placed in these guides and the ceramic tiles are clamped in between.

This new mounting system can be applied in 2 ways:

All products for the B020 mounting system:

0350 | 0814 | 0815 | 0817 | 0818 | 0819 | 0820 | 0821 | 0822

If you have any questions about this new fixing system and its components, please send an e-mail via the button below and we will contact you.

Yes, please contact me.

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